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November 2021
The Future of Mobile Health Clinics
Much like telehealth, mobile health clinics (MHC) remain an underutilized resource for serving healthcare needs in the US. A mobile health clinic is...

October 2021
Employee Assistance Program vs. Behavioral Health Coverage
The prevalence and treatment options for mental health issues were on the rise before the pandemic, but health concerns, lockdowns, and...

September 2021
Using Debit Cards For Health Spending Accounts
Most financial institutions that administer health spending accounts issue a traditional debit card that can be used as to pay for certain medical...

August 2021
Productive Workspace at Home
The pandemic may have made working from home (WFH) a necessity but, according to Global Workplace Analytics, 80 percent of workers consider...

July 2021
Popular Post-COVID Benefit: Pet Insurance
The pandemic year was filled with changes in lifestyles, consumer buying habits, and enhanced methods for coping with feelings of isolation, fear,...

June 2021
Digital Eyestrain: Improve Productivity With Vision Benefits
We live in an era when nearly all of our information is delivered via a screen. This age of technology has changed the way we do nearly everything,...

May 2021
Short-Term Disability Insurance
Short-term disability insurance is an under-appreciated but critical benefit offered by many employers. A short-term illness or injury can impede a...

April 2021
HSA-Approved Expenses For Mental Health
In the Spring of 2020, when Congress passed the CARES Act, the legislation expanded the types of products that can be paid for with a health savings...

March 2021
Engagement Strategies For Remote Workers
When the US partially locked down at the beginning of the pandemic, the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research reported that 33 percent of...

February 2021
The Benefits of Ergonomics
A nationwide survey conducted by Stanford University found that 42 percent of the US workforce now works from home on a full-time basis. It is...

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