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Now that you've read all you can about Fickewirth, you're primed and ready to get the ball rolling and take the next step. Start the process and see for yourself how we can help.

As described the Fickewirth 3-step process is simple.

  1. Executive Briefing
    This initial meeting is where we introduce our business system and discuss with you up front and in detail what to expect in a partnership with Fickewirth.

  2. Organizational Assessment
    Step 2 is all about listening and learning. Every company has its own unique set of issues and needs. The Organizational Assessment is where we take it all in, ask questions, and make key evaluations from a non-objective position.

  3. Improvement Plan
    This is where the rubber meets the road — and the real magic begins. After careful research and analysis of the data gathered during the Organizational Assessment, we present to you a detailed strategic plan that includes a timeline with all of the responsible parties' roles defined.

As it goes with even the best laid out plans in life, we know that unexpected issues or distractions may occur. And that's what separates Fickewirth from the pack. We know that "stuff" will come up, and it is our promise to be there to readjust and redirect as necessary to keep you on the right course to success. This is a team effort, where you can count on our dedication and support every step of the way.

Fickewirth is here to help you build an organization worth committing to. This includes all of your benefits needs from health care to employee training & development to attraction and retention.

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