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June 2021
Digital Eyestrain: Improve Productivity With Vision Benefits
We live in an era when nearly all of our information is delivered via a screen. This age of technology has changed the way we do nearly everything,...

May 2021
Short-Term Disability Insurance
Short-term disability insurance is an under-appreciated but critical benefit offered by many employers. A short-term illness or injury can impede a...

April 2021
HSA-Approved Expenses For Mental Health
In the Spring of 2020, when Congress passed the CARES Act, the legislation expanded the types of products that can be paid for with a health savings...

March 2021
Engagement Strategies For Remote Workers
When the US partially locked down at the beginning of the pandemic, the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research reported that 33 percent of...

February 2021
The Benefits of Ergonomics
A nationwide survey conducted by Stanford University found that 42 percent of the US workforce now works from home on a full-time basis. It is...

January 2021
Managing Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19
As it turns out, cabin fever is a real thing. It’s not merely a casual observation related to kids building pillow forts on a rainy day, or a...

December 2020
The Demise of One-Size-Fits-All Benefit Plans
America’s workforce continues to become more diverse. It is presently comprised of five different multi-ethnic generations ranging from age 18 to...

November 2020
Why and How To Support Moms Back At Work
Typically, the scenario for new moms returning from maternity leave has not been ideal. In some ways, the pandemic has made this situation even...

October 2020
Benefits To Help Workers Overcome Stress
Today’s workers may have the flexibility to arrive late, leave early, or even work from home. But they still tend to receive work-related texts and...

September 2020
Future of Financial Wellness: Employer-Sponsored Savings Programs
It is common, garden variety financial advice for households to save from three to six months worth of liquid, emergency funds. Unfortunately, it’s...

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