Benefits Tranquility

Understanding the Fickewirth Benefit Design Process

The first component of Benefits Tranquility is ensuring the best business decision is made regarding the design of the benefits program. As such, Fickewirth goes to great lengths to take a macro assessment of your plan to see what design would make the most sense for both your employees' needs and your company's bottom line. So often we find that benefit programs have evolved over time to a point where they no longer make sense. For example, a PPO plan was offered because the executives initially wanted it, but now only two people are enrolled and discrimination has become a pressing reality. Our goal is to make sure decisions being made are financially sound, right for the business and not for personal gain. This allows our clients to rest easy knowing that their plan is designed to the best advantage possible. We take our new clients through a journey of discovery to set clear goals, objectives and future plans for the benefit programs.

What is it?

The Benefit Design Process is a fun and enlightening learning experience hosted at an offsite location by Fickewirth. It is a collaborative meeting where your team is asked to objectively create a benefit plan for a company exactly like yours. We help you ask and answer the question: If you could start from scratch, how would you build your benefits program? This unique exercise exposes your management team to the multiple pieces of your existing plan as well as creates a transition plan that moves you in the direction the company wants to go.

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