Benefits Tranquility

60-Day Objective Review

The second component of Benefits Tranquility is knowing that every rock has been overturned before committing to a year of rates. Our 60-day objective review is designed for just that. We developed this process in order to give our clients 100% confidence that we have objectively considered every benefit offering.

There is not a one-size-fits-all benefit plan. Every company has its own needs, so Fickewirth treats each client as unique and helps design each plan accordingly. The following details what you can expect during benefit design development and optimization:

  1. Data Collection, Review, and Analysis

    Fickewirth will collect all data relevant to your employee benefit plans and perform a thorough and complete analysis on all costs and premium calculations as set forth by your providers. A comprehensive report will be provided for your review and consideration.

  2. Benefits Assessment

    Working with your management and benefits staff, Fickewirth assesses your current benefit offerings and associated costs, and reviews how accurately your plan meets (or does not meet) your corporate objectives.

  3. Optimum Benefits Menu

    Using results from the Benefit Design Process and Corporate Benefits Assessment, Fickewirth will reevaluate your current benefit offerings and solicit proposals for any necessary changes.

  4. Alternate Funding Review

    After carefully reviewing each benefit plan, Fickewirth will analyze if alternative funding strategies should be applied. Our goal is that you never pay more premium than absolutely necessary.

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