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August 2020
Convert Unused PTO Into Student Loan Benefit
This year, there are two reasons why workers are less likely to use their paid-time-off (PTO). The first is pandemic related; many people are working...

July 2020
How To Maximize Vision Benefits For All Workers
Vision care was recognized as a necessary healthcare standard when it was included as one of the 10 essential benefits mandated by the Patient...

June 2020
Prescription Drugs: Brand Name vs. Generic Coverage
There are two different types of measures for drug cost inflation: The list price of prescription drugs and the actual cost to consumers. A recent...

May 2020
Long Term Care Hybrid Policies: Energizing the Life Insurance Market
Sales of long term care insurance policies rose to popularity in the 1990s, right about the time studies began discovering that modern medicine was...

April 2020
Retiree Medical Plans: What’s Happened to Lifetime Benefits?
Retirees who have medical coverage under both Medicare and an employer-sponsored plan basically double the complexity of navigating insurance...

March 2020
Birth of a New Trend: Commonly Covered Fertility Benefits
If today’s average worker is all about achieving work/life balance, he is going to be less enamored by free snacks, biweekly chair massages or...

February 2020
Non-Physical Wellness Benefits: Mental and Financial
It’s hard to stay focused at work when you don’t feel well. That and the potential for contagion are why employers provide sick days. But what if...

January 2020
Healthcare Employee Rewards Programs
According to research by the National Business Group on Health, in 2019 the average cost of healthcare – including premiums and out-of-pocket costs...

December 2019
Volunteer PTO
How do you get workers to relax outside the office so they return recharged and refreshed? Research shows that offering more paid time off (PTO)...

November 2019
Janus vs AFSCME: Impact On Union-Sponsored Benefits
Traditionally, labor unions have required non-union members to pay a membership fee that was used not only to represent their best interests in...

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