Benefits Tranquility

ben•e•fits - tran•quil•li•ty


A state of complete calmness and peace when thinking about benefits management, health care reform, and compliance issues.

As sponsors of benefits plans, we want to live in a world free from uncertainty. A world where we provide superior benefits with costs under our control. A world where we receive all the relevant financial information we need, allowing us to make intelligent, informed decisions. A world where there are no mysteries to the entire renewal process, where new regulations and compliance concerns—including Health Care Reform never come "out of the blue." To put it simply, a world where we control our own benefit plans, not where they – or our insurers – control us.

We all want to live in a world that is quality centered...

A world where the competence we require in others is reflected in our own organization. We want our work environment to be dominated by a desire to excel in all that we do.

The world we all want to live in is where the benefits and programs we provide are tailor-made for the participants. In this world, the programs should not become so financially burdensome as to threaten the very paychecks which sustain the participants.

We call this world, Benefits Tranquility. It is the world of our clients.

We extend to you an invitation to join this world.

Our journey to benefits tranquility includes 5 steps:

The first two steps enable us to work with you to take a global pulse and objective view of your current benefit offerings. We work closely with you to strategize on the optimal benefit design to ensure the dollars being spent are spent wisely. Once the plan design has been optimized, we then focus on maximizing ROI.

  1. Benefit Design Process

    The first component of Benefits TranquilityTM is ensuring the best business decision is made regarding the design of the benefits program. As such, we go to great lengths to 'zoom out' of the benefits plan to see what design would make the most sense both for your employees' needs and for your bottom line. Tell me more about the Benefit Design Process.

  2. 60-Day Objective Review

    The second component of benefits tranquility is knowing that every rock has been turned over before committing to a year of rates. Our 60-Day Objective Review is designed for just that. We developed this process in order to give our clients 100% confidence that we have objectively reviewed and considered every benefit offering, from funding alternatives to contractual compliance. Tell me more about the 60-Day Objective Review.

  3. Constant Compliance

    Employee benefit plans run on documents. In today's contentious environment, it is critical that all documents involving benefit plans are accurate and reflect the employer's objective(s). In our nearly forty years of experience, it is not often that we find that all documents have been prepared accurately and, equally important, kept up-to-date. Paying hefty fines for non-compliance only detracts from the ROI. Tell me more about Constant Compliance.

  4. Benefits Communications

    Fickewirth will also review your entire employee communications process to confirm that you are getting your message out to your employees appropriately, consistently and in a timely manner. Tell me more about Benefits Communications.

  5. Administrative Solutions

    Fickewirth will examine the extent to which HR handles benefit administration to determine if existing processes can be streamlined, reduced or perhaps more prudently overseen by Fickewirth staff to reduce a heavy workload.
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