Benefits Tranquility

The Key to Confidence is Constant Compliance

An ongoing component of Benefits Tranquility is to feel 100% confident that your benefit plans are in HR compliance and that they will stay in compliance, even with all the changes coming.

Our approach is two-fold. Step one is to ensure all necessary processes and procedures are in place to get your company in compliance. Step two is to KEEP you in compliance. It's a simple concept yet we find all too often that new clients are outside of safe harbors and/or lacking regulatory detail.

Step 1: Get Your Company in Compliance

For many companies, Health Care Reform (HCR) and other complicated compliance requirements pose numerous unanswered questions. Is their employee health care plan in or out of compliance? How will the ACA directly impact their company's bottom line? What kind of potential penalties could they be facing? How can they strategically prepare for when HCR rules and regulations are fully enforced? What do they need to be doing on an annual basis to stay in compliance?

Fickewirth Benefits Advisors is armed with a team of employee benefits and compliance experts skilled in areas including but not limited to HIPAA, ERISA and COBRA. We even have a certified PPACA professional. We are well equipped to forecast all possible scenarios – positive or negative, including costs involved and how to budget for these requirements. Fickewirth will guide your management through a benefits road map designed specifically to fit your company's present and future needs. What's more, we explain to you in simple terms what HCR means for YOU.

Step 2: Keep you in Constant Compliance

Our robust compliance monitoring system continually holds Fickewirth accountable for compliance requirements and keeps our clients up-to-date as well. With strict procedures in place to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, our clients can be certain of continued compliance with Fickewirth monitoring their benefit plans. And, what's more, this system keeps our clients constantly educated on those requirements.

Here's how it works: When a compliance deadline approaches, the Fickewirth account team and your HR representative both receive a reminder of the requirement four weeks before the due date. Based on our client's needs, Fickewirth will complete the requirement if possible. If not, we will work as accountability partners with our clients to make sure the requirement is met. Our system has proven truly remarkable in its ability to assure our clients are in Constant Compliance.

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